Tuesday, January 06, 2004

溫書遊雲記(三)easier to run

it's easier to run
replacing this pain with something numb
it's so much easier to go
than face all this pain here all alone

something has been taken
from deep inside of me
a secret i've kept locked away
no one can ever see
wounds so deep they never show
they never go away
like moving pictures in my head
for years and years they've played

if i could change i would
take back the pain i would
retrace every wrong move that i made i would
if i could
stand up and take the blame i would
if i could take all the shame to the grave i would

sometimes i remember
the darkness of my past
bringing back these memories
i wish i didn't have
sometimes i think of letting go
and never looking back
and never moving forward so
there would never be a past

just washing it aside
all of the helplessness inside
pretending i don't feel so misplaced
is so much simpler than change

Linkin Park
"Easier to Run"
from Meteora

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