Monday, April 28, 2003

流言雜記(5)---dry talk

My brain doesn't work properly these days. It seems that it stops functioning automatically
after 3 weeks of tiring exams. I can't work on the piling up reading materials before me and ...the records of overseas students which i must analyse(wow, so professional =_=). I think i must take a rest or i will get mad.

It seems that it is all my problems to get along with my group members because i see all my friends get along on well with their classamtes. Tell me, what can i do for it? It's just so disguisting to have a discussion on that project each week. Maybe it's all because of the project that i don't know how to do with them.

It's long time i haven't updated my newsgroup(:P). The reasons are...i'm lazy...and each time when i want to do so i would feel so tired to do the typing after i've finished all my readings. Sometimes, when i come up with some funny(may be stupid:P) ideas, i don't type it immediately and, forget about it later on.

Summer is coming very soon. My room is so hot and windless and it's unutterably uncomfortabe for me. It feels like what when i first came to here. Sometimes, i just think that i really come from the South Pole:P. Anyway, if unfortunate, i need to spend the whole summer here...oh...

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